December 2, 2020

1st Annual Highlights

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Special Thanks to Carol Connors, entertainer at the Golden Needle Awards.

In the spirit of your charitable works, you join the prestigious list of women who have had the honor of signing the Jeran Hollywood Graffiti Gown, a combined presentation of honor and devotion by women celebrities of entertainment, influence, and industry toward the fight against AIDS.

Carol came out of the womb singing (and swinging later when she co-wrote the theme song from ROCKY). Her amazing diversity of talent is personified as a successful Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller, Charity Organizer and Cat Lover. She has been nominated for 10 major music awards: Emmy’s, Grammy’s, Golden Globes and two Oscars. Carol co-wrote the theme from ROCKY, “GONNA FLY NOW” which became a box office giant (Academy Award Nomination, Grammy Nomination & ASCAP Award of Excellence) as well as the music and lyrics to Walt Disney’s THE RESCUERS (Academy Award Nomination). In 2000, Ms.Connors was the sole recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts and Public Service awarded by the President of the John F. Kennedy University as a “Woman of Achievement,”a recognition she will cherish forever. Today, when many of her contemporaries have resigned themselves to being legends, she continues with a very active and successful professional life in songwriting (she contributed lyrics for two songs in the seven-times-Oscar-nominated film by Roman Polanski, The Pianist) and gives much of her time and efforts to charitable work and patriotic events.